Poker Tournaments: Making It to the Final Table

What I’m having a Battle with is picking up chips before this. I don’t have any difficulty with premium hands and can play with them in early, middle or late position based on the increase in front of me. My difficulty is with K3, Q5, J2, 73, 24, you get the point. Do I bite the bullet and play these in late position or blinds? The majority of the time tonight someone was increasing and made it difficult to predict with these hands. What should you do? Advice? This is live tournament.

In our casino we’re generally playing 20 – 30 runners. We’ve got situs judi online terpercaya available and some nights we just have two dealers. I have been considering learning how to be a trader but prefer to play. Oh yes, the arrangement of this tournament is T$20,000 and 10 minute rounds. Our Friday is T$10,000 with 20 minute rounds.Here are my ideas, Allow without having the ability to clarify a few points; this is more overall approach, because my particulars may not be applicable to this situation with all of its nuances.

  1. If you have allowed getting down to $12k in chips with $2k/$4k blinds then it’s too late. You can’t get down to only two rotations of the dividers unless you’re just hoping to limp into the money, or if you lost an enormous all-in etc… In this position you simply can’t pick and choose because K-2o could be your very best hand. My GUESS is that you need to have taken the chance to push all in sometime well before this stage, even if it means not making the final table. At least you’d have given yourself a chance after you have there.
  2. In these Situations, I search for any marginal hand I can OPEN the pot with. As soon as you’re calling a raise like you mentioned, you’re in big trouble with poor-marginal hands. But, if you open the pot yourself, you still have the possibility that everyone will fold to you, which in these kinds of examples is well worthwhile.
  3. If you can afford the blinds for a bit, wait for adequate cards; A-something, any pocket pair, etc and push all in with it. Or call if you’ve got a big hand. My range here will be A-k, A-q, A-J or a pocket pair so as to call or re-raise for all of my chips. Bottom line is once you reach this stage, you’re no longer playing cards, and you’re just picking a spot to place all your chips in.
  1. Don’t worry about the hand you played that ran into pocket Aces? This happens, it sucks, proceed. You may kick yourself, but the simple fact is if you’d have had K-K you’d have pushed all in and you would have probably still lost, so don’t be worried about running into the huge hand. The one thing I believe you could/should do is making your move sooner and searching for more pots to slip to keep your chip stack from dwindling down this way and placing you in a terrible decision.